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Your Instructor
Co-Founder - RhondaNP

Rhonda Jolliffe, MSN, FNP-BC, experienced healthcare practitioner and clinical instructor will guide you through Menopause University and our courses.

Rhonda's deep knowledge of women's health and compassionate care resonate through each unit and lesson.  You will understand why her nurse practitioner students and thousands of patients count on her to over deliver results.  From her functional medicine philosophy she treats the whole patient and not an isolated set of symptoms.

Our courses represent real world experience earned through over 50,000 patient interactions and 20 years of clinical practice. Patients and students describe Rhonda's teaching style as knowledgeable, caring, down to earth and fun.  Being in menopause herself, her empathy coupled with her medical expertise is the winning combination.

Your Teacher's Assistant
Co-Founder - RhondaNP

Chris Dockter is a life-long advocate for women and women's health issues. Chris was one of the catalysts behind Menopause University. Having experienced Rhonda’s life-changing advice first-hand, she felt compelled to be a part of sharing this knowledge with others. Chris' 25 years of management in the non-profit sector at the national level give her unique perspective in creating the course for women with busy lives. Chris’ healthcare non-profit experience, partnered with her own personal struggles with menopause, make her the ideal partner in your journey. Chris' goal for you as an MU student is to gain access to the knowledge you need to live your best years now through these courses, and “graduate” as a fully satisfied customer.